About Us

Hi Beauties and Thank You for stopping by!  My name is Erica Battle and I am the founder of the Natural Beauty #NoFilterNeeded movement.

When I began this journey in 2019, it was really just a fun saying that I thought would look great on a t-shirt.  It started out as me referring to filters on pictures because filtering your picture was the thing to do before posting it.  As the year began to progressed and we made our way to 2020, I knew it was so much more than that.  I knew that message meant more than using filters to mask pictures.

When I think about the Natural Beauty #NoFilterNeeded movement, I think about all of those things that we use as filters to hide who we truly are.  It can be anything from a camera filter, to make up, to the jobs we take, and even furthering our education as a way to hide who we really are.  Now don’t get me wrong!  There is nothing wrong with any of those things because I have an advanced degree in education and I like to play with filters and make-up every now and then, but I realized that I used all of my successes to hide any insecurities that I might have.  I wanted people to be impressed with my accomplishments more than the authentic version of me.

What I want for the Natural Beauty #NoFilterNeeded brand is to spread the message that our Natural Beauty is fine just the way it is and we don’t need anything to filter who we are, how we feel, or what we look like.