Feeling Confident Is Normal

Posted by Erica Battle on

Have you ever just looked at someone and immediately thought, “They have it going on,” and wondered if they ever have moments when they doubt themselves?  Let me tell you, even the most decorated athlete, entertainer, and model has periods when they question themselves and their ability.


No one is born having it all together and that’s okay, but we are all born with the opportunity to make choices.  See we can choose to believe in ourselves or we can choose to allow the opinions and perspectives of others to affect our confidence.  Believe me, there will be people who have something negative to say no matter what you are doing.  You could be spreading the message of Love and someone will find fault with it.  No one attains their purpose in life without facing rejection of some kind.  The difference between those who walk in their purpose and those who don’t is Confidence. 


When we are confident in our own abilities, we take control over our purpose in life.  See it’s hard to walk in purpose when we are constantly questioning our abilities and talents and have low self-esteem because walking in purpose will require us to maintain our positive outlook no matter who does or does not support us.  You deserve to feel confident about your God given abilities without owing anyone an apology. 


Today I want you to determine what God given gift and talent you are hiding because the people closet to you didn’t embrace it and then I want you to flaunt it.  The Natural Beauty #NOFILTERNEEDED movement is not just about camera filters.  What are you using as a Filter to hide your Natural Beauty and Talents?  Now is the time to remove the Filter and let your Natural Beauty shine!  Come on Beauties join me and remove any Filters you are hiding behind!